St Nicholas Sighthill, Parish Church


About Us


Established as a Parish in 1939, the present church  building was opened 1957 and quickly known as the Children’s Church. This was due to part of the initial funding being raised by Sunday Schools around Scotland and overseas. In recognition of this, the name St Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Children, was given to the church. The Commemorative Stone, symbolising the gifts of the children, the boy’s gift of five loaves and two fish that Christ used to feed the 5000, was unveiled by Lord James Douglas Hamilton.

Now-a-days our Parish is no longer a static community. We have many people, who only stay for a few years in the area. We are seeking new ways to reach and share the gospel within this ever changing neighbourhood.  a place of opportunity and service for those willing to get involved in Christ's mission. .....Jesus said "Go and make disciples...." Matthew 28:19 

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